Spam filter

Onlight offers state-of-the-art customized mail gateway systems that block spam and viruses using the latest in standards-based, open-source, free software running on industry-standard hardware.

Our systems are not off-the-shelf appliances that may or may not fit all your requirements. We work with you to understand your needs and design your system accordingly.

We also guard against vendor over-reliance by providing a solution based on internet standards, not just the obvious Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP). Our systems are poised to adapt and grow with the Internet in a compatible and compliant manner.

Our systems offer:

  • Multiple virus removal engines.
  • Compatibility with Exchange and all email systems with their own domain names.
  • Per-user whitelisting and blacklisting.
  • Compatibility with existing third party solutions.
  • Flexibility to let you do what you want with your SPAM.

For more information about Onlight anti-spam solutions, contact one of our sales engineers at 414-272-4477 or use our contact form.