Network monitoring with Presager

Your users are not network monitors.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know about potential network service issues before your users or customers start complaining?

Presager is an affordable and thorough monitoring solution for any network.

Proactive health care for your network

Presager combines best-in-class open source tools for network monitoring, management, discovery, and data collection into one centrally managed interface.

  • Use point-and-click configuration
  • Monitor any system: UNIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows, Macintosh, etc.
  • Monitor remote locations
  • Configure email, phone, or SMS alerts
  • Graph and report on traffic loads and other conditions over time
  • Track service levels
  • Plan with confidence

Presager is based on reliable, seasoned Open Source software components including Icinga, NetDisco, Cricket, PNP, etc. We actively participate in the development of this software, as well as in new add-ons.

Environmental monitoring capabilities

In addition to monitoring the status of the hardware and processes comprising your network, you may have need to monitor the environment for changes in temperature or humidity, or for the presence of moisture. We have written modules to integrate Presager components with environmental monitoring devices such as Weather Goose and SensorWare.

Automatic network mapping

Presager crawls your network to identify all attached host devices — routers, switches, servers, and printers.

Dashboard overview

The Presager web console provides a color-coded systemwide status display, with the ability to drill down for details.

Easy grouping

Organize host devices into logical groups and apply standardized monitoring settings.

Flexible alert notification

Alerts for devices or logical groups can be delivered to appropriate individuals or contact groups via email, phone, or SMS.

Multi-site support

Order Probe appliances for remote locations to easily extend Presager’s reach across your entire enterprise.

Trash the spreadsheets

Presager offers you a complete, real-time view of your network and all its details.

Elegant & affordable

Presager can monitor thousands of servers with one appliance for a one-time cost. There is no licensing fee.

Assurance package

  • One year package included with purchase
  • 100% no-haggle hardware warranty
  • Free automatic upgrades

Presager appliance


  • Ultra slim for standard rack mount (wall mount optional)
  • Very low power consumption
  • Dual IDE drive and dual 100 Base T LAN port support


Memory Memory 512 MB DDR SO-DIMM
Max. Capacity 1GB
Drive Bay 3.5″ HDD 1 80GB IDE
Mode ATA 100/66/33
Ethernet Interface 10/100Base-T
Controller RealTek 8100
Management Indicator LED for power, LAN, WAN, and HDD
Miscellaneous Control power switch, reset button
Power supply Watt 50W
Input AC 110-240V@47-63Hz
Environment Temperature 32°F to 96.8°F ( 0°C to 36°C )
Humidity 20% to 80%
Physical Dimensions 43.7 (mm) x 430(mm) x 320.8(mm)
Regulatory Safety CE, FCC

To learn more about Presager or to place an order, contact one of our sales engineers at 414-272-4477 or use our contact form.