Internet continuity with Oasis

Don’t let internet outages interrupt your life.

Productivity, customer satisfaction, and your own sanity all hinge on consistent access to internet services.

Oasis transparently manages multiple ISP connections to ensure 24/7 internet availability. Oasis can also provide load balancing and bandwidth aggregation, taking advantage of multiple connections for higher throughput.

Oasis benefits:

  • Provides ISP redundancy
  • Protects from internet outages
  • Maximizes ROI for connectivity by allowing enterprises to aggregate inexpensive bandwidth
  • Allows mixing and matching of internet connections (Examples: DSL with T1, cable modem with T1, cable modem with DSL)
  • Dynamic load balancing
  • Yields internet access with greater than 99.9% reliability
  • Increases access speed
  • Increases network capacity
  • Increases bandwidth capacity
  • Reduces access cost
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Allows for multi-homing without ISP cooperation
  • Reduces the pain and expense of multi-homing
  • Eliminates BGP

Improve your ROI

With 3.6% of all annual revenue lost due to Internet and WAN downtime (Infonetics Research), can your enterprise afford not to have Oasis?

Think about what just one hour of downtime costs your company in lost productivity and customer contact.

One of the most powerful aspects of Oasis is its use of multiple inexpensive broadband connections and bonding together of traffic for a robust, reliable solution.

Oasis TC1000


Oasis TC1000


The days of “my email doesn’t work” and “I can’t get out” are over. The TC1000 is designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses that host their own email, website, or VPN. The TC1000 handles up to three ISP connections to dramatically increase bandwidth.

$1795 USD

Oasis Wireless


Oasis Wireless builds on the capabilities of the TC1000 and adds the option of a cellular data connection. When your location limits the availability of wired ISP connections, cellular service can play a crucial role in business continuity.

Purchase option: $2195 USD
Rental option: $275/mo.

Required use of an IP address for each attached device…
First device: $100/year
Second device: $75/year
Third device: $50/year

Oasis DC2000


Oasis DC2000


Designed for demanding applications, and scalable to 1Gbps using up to 6 diverse ISP connections. The DC2000 provides load balancing, full bandwidth aggregation, and transparent, seamless ISP redundancy to ensure 24/7 access.

$4995 USD

Oasis TC3000


Oasis TC3000


A top-of-the-line enterprise solution, the TC3000 offers a customizable array of 10G and 1G ethernet, fiber optic, and wireless connections. The architecture of the TC3000 also supports high-availability configurations.

$12,500 USD

How it Works

Oasis simultaneously uses the full bandwidth of multiple ISPs. Services (mail, ftp, web, etc.) are ISP independent and are used over all connections, whether T1, DSL, cable, or wireless.

With Oasis, services that are traditionally less reliable can work in concert to deliver 100% uptime.

All servers are reachable as long as one connection to the internet is up. Switching ISPs a breeze, and a single ISP outage does not cause downtime.

How to get Oasis

For more information or to place an order, contact a sales engineer at 414-272-4477 or use our contact form.