Reseller information

Onlight recognizes resellers as a key part of our business strategy. No matter how outstanding the technology, the greatest benefit to our customers derives from support, implementation and training. Resellers are often the first line of contact for solution analysis, product knowledge, training, support and technical expertise.

Our resellers specialize in all kinds of industries and applications, and help their customers choose the best solution to meet their specific objectives.

Becoming an Onlight reseller

Different reseller levels are available. Regardless of category, we work closely with our resellers to deliver the highest level of service to our customers.

All resellers are proficient in the promotion and demonstration of our products. Managed resellers are also proficient in the installation and support of the Oasis product.

We are always looking for dedicated resellers with industry and technical expertise, a strong customer service focus, and sound business models.

For more information, please contact Steve Close at 414-272-4477.